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 The Cloisters at

Sparrow Hawk Mountain

At the core of each of us is an inner sacred place where our divine nature exists. Finding this inner temple and residing there is a prime objective of our spiritual work. The inner journey is one of the principal teachings of Brazilian spiritual philosopher, Jose Trigueirinho Netto. To support the earnest seekers of their own inner sanctuary, their own temple within, the board of directors of the Calling Humanity Corp. announced in 2012 their intention to manifest a spiritual center: The Cloisters at Sparrow Hawk Mountain. This vision was to create and maintain a physical location of spiritual energy consecrated to the possibility for personal transformation, which can be engendered through silent contemplation, commitment to the highest good, and living according to higher law. Our goal was met in 2016 with the completion of what we call “Crystal Cottage” at The Cloisters. A retreat “cabin in the woods” to spend a day or a few days in silence while in a natural setting in quietude seeking inner guidance for answers to life’s challenges, to work on a creative project or just to recharge your inner battery. As is the case with the Figueira Spiritual Center (in Brazil), all those who avail themselves of the opportunity to visit the Cloisters at Sparrow Hawk Mountain may do so free of charge, and all are welcome. Its construction and operation has been funded by spontaneous donations. 

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