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The Cloisters Group Silent Retreat Center


One tool for the consecration of one’s life is spending time in silent retreat, away from hectic everyday life. A second tool: adding a dimension of selfless service to one’s everyday life, can be accomplished in many ways.

We have combined these two consecrating tools into one project and have built a facility to provide individuals with a safe and sacred place to withdraw from the world; and then the consequent physical activity of maintaining and operating the Cloisters retreat Crystal Cottage at Sparrow Hawk Mountain (Click tab “pictures” then Crystal Cottage.) becomes our community’s service to our fellow travelers. We perceive this two-fold service to have great potential for the integration of an individual’s experiential understanding and for the outpouring of heart-felt spiritual expansion.

Our intention is that not only will the participants and supporting community benefit, but, as Trigueirinho teaches, all of humanity will benefit from the consecrated inner work of individuals, as well as from the selflessness of those needed to support that inner work.

Letter of intent “Click Here”

IN-Formation and Declaration of Commitment forms  “Click Here”


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