Who We Are

Calling Humanity Corp., nonprofit. The Cloisters Group is one aspect of our work.

We are like-minded people who resonate deeply with the writings and recorded lectures of José Trigueirinho Netto, the spiritual philosopher from Brazil whose work gave our organization inspiration.

Trigueirinho has authored 81 books, with close to 2.5 million copies in print, has given more than 2000 lectures, recorded live, and is said to be continuing Blavatsky’s and Bailey’s work in the current “Revelatory” stage within a certain aspect of spirituality. His work is in the Portuguese language, and only a few of his books have been translated into English, French, German, Italian, and Braille. These books contain inspiring information that has heretofore never been revealed to the English-speaking public in North America.

Our legal organization is the Calling Humanity Corporation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity that was established in 2010 because the call came to provide more opportunity for others to benefit from Trigueirinho’s philosophy.

Our board President, Brenda Cutrell, was a student of the spiritual teacher, Carol Parrish, who connected Brenda with Trigueirinho in 1990.

In 2002, Carol suggested the creation of an English language book, Calling Humanity, in order to bring Americans up to speed quickly on Trigueirinho and his writings. She wrote the introduction for that book, and David Cutrell, our board Vice President, accepted the task of getting it published and helped with the translation. Calling Humanity has served its purpose well, introducing the work to many English-speaking people, especially those who are familiar with the previous outpourings of the spiritual Hierarchies through Alice Bailey and Helena P. Blavatsky.

Brenda and David Cutrell reside in Sparrow Hawk Village, which was founded by Carol Parish in the ’80’s, and where she established the esoteric school, Sancta Sophia Seminary.  The Cloisters, a silent retreat facility, is located on Sparrow Hawk Mountain as a service to people who need a temporary sanctuary from the world in order to contemplate the next steps on their spiritual path.

In service to those who search for a deeper understanding of human spirituality, we wish to share Trigueirinho’s teachings. We hold spiritual truth to be identifiable only by its intrinsic quality when taken into the heart and lived. There are many sources of truth, and each seeker must develop a set of inner beliefs by which to live.

Our work is to provide avenues to seekers. We have no dogmas, doctrines, or tenants. We are not a religion. We are sowers of the seeds of a future humanity in resonance with a continuing spiritual philosophy, the lineage of which includes Blavatsky, Bailey, and Trigueirinho.

Our Mission

One’s level of spirituality is realized by a multitude of incremental uplifting experiences. We believe a spirit-filled life is everyone’s legacy and can be discovered through letting go of expectations, surrendering to a “higher power,” and cultivating that innate sense of the sacredness of life that is most easily found in the silence.

Our mission in these times is to help with The Plan for humanity by assisting individuals who are spiritually unfulfilled in their life and feel a yearning to know more about the divine principles that determine human well being. We encourage individuals to examine their lives through contemplation and by reading uplifting material. We encourage introspection by facilitating silent retreats in a natural setting, as well as informative, interactive comings together. We use our conference call line to make accessible our local activities including the chanting of mantas, Sunday night Attunement and a Monday night Sacred Healing Circle.

Board Members

The board members of Calling Humanity Corp. serve the organization without remuneration. Their cumulative experiences and backgrounds are applicable to our activities. Most of our board members have been to Figueira, Trigueirinho’s spiritual community in Brazil.

President: Brenda Cutrell, has worked for nine years as an official English interpreter of more than sixty of Trigueirinho’s lectures. She has translated seven of his books (only two of which are published), and incorporates material from them into classes taught at Sancta Sophia Seminary. She holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies and is the author of a book entitled: The Emancipated Person.

Vice President: John David Cutrell, served for seven years on the team that translated the twelve Trigueirinho books that are available in English, and served as an official translator for ten years. He is responsible for the publication of all twelve of the books translated into English to date. Between 2oo1 and 2oo7, he spent half of each year in Brazil, living and working in Figueira.

Treasurer: Linda McCoy Summer is the author of the website www.cloistersgroup.org. After a two year internship with her inner guides she has created her own style of energy healing called INNER-gy Touch, had been an instructor for Quantum Touch and Touch for Health Kinesiology, and the co-author of a self-help book on spiritual unfoldment entitled: The Living Code– Deciphering Life’s Spiritual Messages by Learning to Live From the Heart. www.thelivingcode.com

Secretary: Katie Ann Hillelson is a graduate of Sancta Sophia Seminary and was ordained through Light of Christ Community Church; became a resident of Sparrow Hawk Village and subsequently filled many roles in both organizations for several years. Included were her duties as a minister, teacher, and student advisor in the seminary. She is now a permanent resident of the village. She has been a student of Trigueirinho’s material for many years, and strives to live the teachings, as well as sharing them with others. Katie Ann also holds degrees in Secretarial Science and Interior Design; Motherhood and Grandmotherhood.





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