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JOSÉ TRIGUEIRINHO NETTO invites the readers of his 77 books and the listeners of the more than one thousand CDs recorded live in his lectures in Brazil, to expand their own thoughts and to find a wider vision of life. All these books, with about two million copies in circulation, have been translated from Portuguese to Spanish and some into English, French, German, and Italian, as well as Braille. His work explains a larger reality that humanity is quickly approaching. This reality may be seen as glimpses of a new era by those that are willing to go beyond known limitations; expressing a maturing of planetary processes that allow a fuller expression of the inner self.

Celestial signs point to a growing relationship between subjective and objective reality. Trigueirinho presents signs of these contacts to us, knowing that all of us will be strengthened if we activate our inner potential and choose to take an ascending path. He shares generously despite the fact that much of what he shares could be considered impossible to prove.    More…

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