2019 Calling Humanity Group Spring Retreat

SAVE THE DATE: April 4 – 7

Your Plan or THE PLAN

The inspiration for our topic for the 2019 Spring retreat came from the 5th CD of Trigueirinho’s 5 lecture series entitled: The Doorways of the Planet — March 2006. Following are some blurbs from it that will whet your appetite:

  • “The coming together with Spirit depends on our leaving behind all of our illusions. All our plans as human beings are nothing but illusions.”
  • “Because the Evolutionary Plan itself is the Evolutionary Plan for all.”
  • “We would need to learn to live without making plans. This is possible.”
  • “We gradually carry out the plan when we do not have our own plans.”
  • “We should be constantly asking if that is compatible with the One Plan.”

Our retreats provide a chance to interact with the other CHC members and the diversity of our group guarantees you will gain a lot by coming. We continue to learn a lot from each other, so come to share your new insights and experiences. It also affords one the opportunity to get to know the current group of four monks. 

For more information contact: David Cutrell at

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